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Fluent Engineering Solutions

Fluent Engineering Solutions (Fluent ES) is specializes in solving flow related problems. Fluent ES use CFD to predict the flow and analyse the flow related issues in the industry, thereby provides you a Innovation for the next generation.

We are an engineering solutions company with the focus on innovation and value-added engineering in Process Industry, Energy, Appliances and Industrial engineering domains. Our focus is to deliver world-class product design and engineering solutions to our clients.

Fluent Engineering Solution founded in 2021 with an objective to provide cutting edge engineering solutions for the next generation using CFD. We provided satisfying high quality CFD base solution to our costumer located in Europe, Asia, Middle East & Australia.

Fluent ES has highly experienced subject expert with more than 25 year of industrial experience in Multiphysics domain to achieve the desirable goals set by our clients.Moreover Fluent ES has done many collaborative project’s with Omnia Engineering, The Netherlands.

When it comes to expert call, we already have expert in our team to serve the best.

Case Studies

Battery Cell in Fluent

Battery Cooling in EV

Looking at the current scenario to meet the expectations of the consumer, electric vehicles (EVs) must have...

car parking

Underground Car-Pak Analysis For BIM & MEP Infrastructure

In large cities, space constraints, as well as the high cost of land, have led to more underground car parks being built....


HVAC System

CFD analysis in an early stage of the HVAC design process, will generate a huge beneficial insight and will help you determine the optimal air flow...

cfd simulation for pump

CFD Simulation of Water Pumping Station, River, Pump Sump, Flow Channels

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multiphase simulation

Multiphase Simulation

From startups to many Fortune corporations, we serve as a catalyst to manufacturers for innovation in product development...

automobile industry

Automobile Industry

External Aerodynamics in the automotive industry is a key factor when it comes to vehicle development....

Cyclone Sepearator 2

Cyclone Separator

Cyclone Separator or Cyclone is process separation unit which separates solid particle matters form stream of fluids (gas or liquid)...

data center

Data Centre & Power Room Analysis

With the help of our CFD expertise, we successfully evaluated and visualize the cooling system design at the engineering stage...

food industry cfd Image

Food & Pharma Industry

Our simulation help to assist pharmaceutical companies in API manufacturing ,Chemical R&D products to scale up and optimize...

heat exchange

Heat Exchangers

When 3D analysis is the right answer, CFD gives you insight and insight gives what happen actually in the system...

pump industry

Pump Industry

We provide in detail CFD simulation to understand and predict the real physics behind your pumping stations, river channel flow...

aviation industry

Aviation Industry

With our CFD expertise and project management capabilities in delivering quality CFD analysis we provided simulation...

cad meshing service

CAD \ Meshing Services

Fluent ES also provides the CAD services to the client. We makes sure the our input as perfect as they desired...

fish water pump-3

Fish Friendly Dutch Water Pump

The overall growth of many key industrial processes have always been linked to the improvements in the pumping equipment design...

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