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Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal Pump
The centrifugal pumps deliver the fluid from the region of low pressure to region of high pressure utilising centrifugal force produce by rotary shaft driven by electric motor. These pumps are widely used for irrigation, water supply plant, process industry, fire extinguisher etc.
Centrifugal Pump CFD
Centrifugal Pump Image CFD
The flow analysis inside the centrifugal pump is highly complex mainly due to 3D flow structure involving turbulence, secondary flow, cavitation and unsteadiness. Development of exist pump using experimental technique’s consume lot of cost, effort and time.
Cavitation, performance & secondary flow are the serious issues in the centrifugal pump and these issues cannot be resolve at the stage of operation.
Using numerical technique and proven CFD simulation have reduced the development time and cost for these pumps.
Using modern CFD tools, Fluent ES provides you accurate and accessible results such that they can be utilized right up until the end of the design process to finalize novel design and helps you to predict the future problem before the stage of manufacturing, so in that way you save lot of cost and your valuable time too.