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CFD Simulation of "Cyclone Separator"

Cyclone Separator or Cyclone is process separation unit which separates solid particle matters form stream of fluids (gas or liquid).

Cyclone Separator separates the particle and fluid on the basis of the different force experienced individually by solid particle and fluid i.e. inertial forces, surface forces, body forces etc. but mainly huge difference in centrifugal force experienced by gas and solid particles.

We know your precious products in the food, pharma, chemical and various process industries has gone through various unit operation and under various process equipment’s, such as evaporator, heat exchanger, spray dryer etc. and it takes lot of operating energy/ cost to make the final powder product.
Cyclone Sepearator 2
Cyclone Sepearator Image
If you failed to recover your final powdered product from the particle laden gas, then whole process is waste and hence energy and cost. One can ignore these losses at the initial stages but not at the final product collection end.
For the same working capacity different cyclone configuration have different separation efficiency. In general separation efficiency is depends on the design configuration of the cyclone separator i.e inlet velocity, barrel diameter, conical angle, dip tube depth, outlet velocity, particles number of turns, swirl strength etc.
Cyclone Sepearator Data
We, at Fluent Engineering Solutions (Fluent ES) has successfully increases the collection efficiency of those valuable products using CFD technique. We help you to understand your process equipment more accurately, so you can operate more efficiently.