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CFD Simulation of "Fish Friendly Dutch Water Pump"

The overall growth of many key industrial processes have always been linked to the improvements in the pumping equipment design.
Pumps has been used from many years in sewage, food processing, water treatment and manufacturing plants, as well as the chemical and petroleum industries, where they are used for the pumping of all types of low-viscosity fluids. They can also easily handle liquids with high proportions of suspended solids present in them.
fish water pump-3
fish water pump-2
A fish friendly pump is a pump which is designed to pump clean water but have the capability to pass live fish and eels without them incurring any external or internal damage or loss of scale. When the fish are discharged into open water they should display their normal behavior and quickly swim away.

When it comes to specific requirement of evacuation of the fishes your pump should not be “Meat grinder” there are many reason associate and fish wont survive longer.

To ensure of the safety of fish along with the energy efficiency and prevent equipment failure, it is important to be able to predict and evaluate the pump’s performance under different operating conditions. This is only can be done using CFD.

The fish friendly pump casing is of substantial cast construction. The fabricated inner motor chamber is supported from the outer casing by contoured Aeroflot-section guide vanes. The profile of these vanes has been designed to minimize damage to fish, eel population & aquatic life, and to enhance the solids handling capability of the hydraulic passages.
Fish Water Pump -3