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Underground Car-Park Analysis For BIM & MEP Infrastructure

Under Car Parking
In large cities, space constraints, as well as the high cost of land, have led to more underground car parks being built. This gives rise to a number of problems in such enclosed spaces.
Sufficient mechanical ventilation is required to ensure a satisfactory indoor thermal environment, but more importantly, to remove air contaminants within a reasonable amount of time, in order to maintain an acceptable level of air quality.
Under Car Parking
Under Car Parking CFD Image
The most critical contaminant in an underground car park is the carbon monoxide (CO) emitted from the exhaust of car engines due to incomplete combustion. Emission of CO is typically an order of magnitude greater than other contaminants when a car is idling or moving at low speed. Hence, it is the CO concentration level that dominates vehicle exhaust dilution requirements.
The present case shows the CFD analysis of a commercial underground car park provided with seven jet fans attached to the ceiling of basements. With the help of gained flow information from detailed CFD analysis we have susccesfully optimized the flow in a much better way that reduced the CO concentration by 45% with only four working jet fans.
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